The Play Place of The Palouse!

Bonkerz is excited to be serving the Palouse with our parent supervised indoor playcenter and birthday party venue located in Moscow, Idaho. With comfy parent seating and free wi-fi, kids can play ALL DAY on our play structure, play barn, market, and home, play in our different play stations including trains, dolls and dinosaurs or on the BEAM active gaming floor. Socks are a must for all patrons and due to the various food allergies we do not permit outside food or drink in the Playcenter. 

Come on in and gobonkerz today!

Our Playground:




The Palouse has long been a farming community and you will see we showcase our heritage! We offer three separate play areas where children can play their little hearts out. 

We start on the "Farm", where children can work in the barn gathering eggs from the chickens or feeding the cows. They can try their hand on the saddle by sitting on an authentic saddle, or work on equipment by building with wooden nuts and bolts. 

Once played out in the barn they can make their way to the "Market", where they can stock shelves with veggies, fruit, and milk or shop with shopping carts to fill their grocery list. 

Children can then walk to the "Home", where they pretend to prepare and serve meals, BBQ with friends, take care of the children or just get some R&R after a hard days work in the "Farm" and "Market" by relaxing on the comfy sofa.

Play Structure

Our structure is made up of various elements that allow children to creatively play and interact with other children while burning energy and getting a healthy dose of exercise. Children can safely climb, crawl, jump, explore and swing with a soft landing zone. Parents can sit and relax while easily spotting their child in the structure with its open design. Everywhere is netted for their protection and every part and piece is soft. Our structure is adult-friendly, parents can play with their children in the structure, or enter to pull them out when it's time to leave, (which could be the only problem with our play structure), leaving...


BEAM is a virtual playground that makes entertainment lively, hygienic, toy-free and above all, breathlessly fun. Boredom, meet your new kryptonite. The concept is simple. A state-of-the-art projection screen combined with dual motion sensors turns a normal floor into an outdoor playground, complete with wildly addicting games, a fun social atmosphere, and lots and lots of physical activity! Parents love it because they can relax while their kids release energy through play in a safe, hygienic environment. Kids love it because it’s immersive and with dozens of games to play, never boring.

Toddler Zone

We have a safe zone for our little ones. Children aged two and under are welcome to play in a completely padded and protected area away from the older children. The toddlers can climb, slide, and crawl on our softplay equipment as well as play with age appropriate toys. With help from their parents, they may also ride the little doodlebugs as they learn to balance and scoot along. We have a Clean Please basket at the front desk. We would ask that if you see a child put a toy in his or her mouth that you place the toy in the Clean Please basket so that we can clean and sanitize it for the next child.

Play Stations

Dinosaurs, Dolls and Trains, Oh my! We designed separate areas for children to play and explore with various play stations. Children may imagine and pretend in pre-historic times by climbing volcanoes, and digging with their dinosaurs. If dinosaurs are not their thing, they may play dolls in our three level doll house. This house even has an elevator! Wow! First class! And for those children who love trains - we have an awesome train table where children can pick their favorite train and soar through the fields, into the city, or take a break in the train station. 

5+ Place

5+ Place - We offer a place for kiddos aged 5 and older to hang out and do crafts, build Legos, build with building blocks and much more! Please ask at the front desk for the 4-digit code required for entry to the area.

Snacks and Stuff

We offer a range of healthy drinks and snacks for the whole family! Need a coffee? No worries we have Keurig K Cups for our Keurig for purchase.

No outside food or drink is allowed other than bottled water, baby food and baby formula. 

For Parents

FREE Wi-Fi and COZY SEATING AREAS We understand as parents ourselves that when our kids are cooped up they can drive us bonkers! We wanted to create a place where parents could come and relax while their children went Bonkerz! We offer comfortable seating areas where parents can relax and read a book, study, search the web, or check social media as their kids play, (while supervising their children, of course). We also know that it is imperative that we play with our kids. Almost all activities that we offer allow parents to interact and play with their children. Healthy families play together! 

Socks are required for all guests. If you forget, they are available for purchase for $2.