Rules and Guidelines

Our Rules and Guidelines are for every child’s fun and safety.

For Parents 

  • A parent and/or guardian must accompany AND supervise their children at all times. 
  • Every parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver for each child prior to admission. Waivers will be held on file. A printable waiver may be downloaded here
  • All patrons are required to wear SOCKS at all times. No shoes or bare feet! It helps us keep our Playcenter CLEAN for your crawlers and toddlers! (Socks are available for purchase at the front desk.)
  • No outside food or beverages unless approved by Bonkerz management. This helps us protect the kiddos who have food allergies.
  • Please keep sick children at home. 
  • Parents should accompany their children to the restrooms. There is a changing table located in our family restroom. Please place soiled diapers in the provided blue plastic diaper sacks.
  • Put any toy that your child has put in their mouth in our "Clean Please" basket so our staff can sanitize the toy for the next child.
  • Help us keep our play center clean and ready for the next children to come and play by putting the toys back where they belong after your child has finished playing with the toy.

Playcenter Rules:

  • No running, rough-housing or bullying! 
  • Use inside voices and kind words!  
  • Keep the toddler toys in the toddler area. 
  • No toys in the play structure. 
  • No gum or food while playing. 
  • Children 3 and older are not permitted in the toddler area.
  • We would ask that children 13 and older not play freely in the playcenter. We encourage them to play with younger siblings or small friends but we would appreciate that they play carefully and respect the smaller people playing. 
  • No weapons, smoking, drugs, or alcohol on the premises. 

Management reserves the right to refuse entry or evict from the play center anyone who may pose a risk to the health, safety, or comfort of other patrons. 

Please notify any Bonkerz staff member if you have any concerns or areas of our facility that need our attention.