Bonkerz SPL Camp FAQ

Who is running the Camp?

Our Programming Director, Michelle Ellinwood, is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with experience in Kindergarten through 12 grade, with a focus in Literacy Education and fifteen years of experience. All staff, including janitors, have passed State of Idaho criminal background checks. And we're still hiring!

What is the Camp schedule?

7:45-9:00  Student Drop Off, Health Check, Day Prep & Free Play

9:00-9:45  Online Learning Time (Focused Learning Time)

9:45-10:30  Snack & Activity Centers

10:30-11:15  Online Learning Time (Focused Learning Time)

11:15-12:00  Outside Recess or Group Indoor Play

12:00-1:00  Lunch & Activity Centers

1:00-1:45 Online Learning (Focused Learning Time)

1:45- 2:15  Bonkerz Free Play

2:15- 2:45  Online Learning, Reading Time, or Revise, Relearn, Redo

2:45-3:45  Outside Recess or Indoor Group Play

3:45-5:30  Bonkerz AfterCare

Will the kiddos wear masks?

Staff will wear masks, kiddos will not be required to, but can at parent's discretion. Temperatures will also be monitored at check-in each morning. 

What are the age requirements? 

Children who turn four before the start of Camp and who are not older than seven are eligible to register. All kiddos must be potty-trained.

What are pickup and drop-off times? 

Drop off kiddos at the front desk of the Playcenter between 7:45-8:30 am and pick them up no later than 3:45 pm. Bonkerz AfterCare is available for the 3:45-5:30 time period.

What's the cost?

Fees are $45/day, billed weekly, with a 2-day per week minimum for each desired week. A registration fee $100 secures a seat for your kiddo. AfterCare is $10 per day, and may be reserved and paid for here.

How do I register my kiddo?

You may register here. We have a 15 seat cap for each day of Camp and seats are filled on a first-come basis. We also need the following forms submitted; Waiver and Medical ReleasePayment Agreement and Conduct and Conflict Resolution Statement.

How is the billing done?

Invoices for each week are emailed in PDF to your address the Wednesday prior to the start of the week. Invoices must be paid prior to your kiddo's arrival at Camp and may be paid here.

What does my kiddo need to bring?

All prescribed school supplies, including all technology required for online learning (Chromebook etc.) (see MSD 281). 

Complete extra set of clothing (shorts, t-shirt, socks, underwear). Place them in a large, labelled resealable bag.

Extra pair of shoes. Place them in a separate grocery bag.

Filled water bottle.

Sunscreen. Please apply before drop-off but include so we can reapply before outdoor time.

Lip balm with SPF.

If a kiddo has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, they may bring on Monday and take home on Friday for washing.

Sunglasses if your kiddo is sensitive to sunlight.

Lunch in a bag or tote. Refrigeration is available. Advise staff of need for refrigeration at drop-off.

Note that Bonkerz is a nut-free facility, and other allergies may be accommodated. We will give you notice of any additional restrictions on lunch items.

All Campers will have two cubbies, labelled with their name, in the check-in area at the front desk of Bonkerz Playcenter.