Bonkerz Summer Camp

Bonkerz Indoor Playcenter is offering 12 weeks of summer camp beginning the first week of June. It is a better, safer, cleaner option for childcare.  Twelve (12) kiddos, age 4-7, will be accepted into each camp, the building will not be open for general admission, and cleaners will come each day to sanitize. Safe, clean fun and learning too!

  • What is Bonkerz Summer Camp?

    BSC is a week-long themed play and learning experience for twelve lucky kiddos age 4-7, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:30pm. There are twelve Camps, the first beginning the week of June 1 and the last beginning the week of August 17. Themes will vary each week, and campers will participate in art, music, sports/outdoor play and story all oriented to the theme for the week. One day each week, weather permitting, will include outdoor water play.

  • Where is Bonkerz Summer Camp?

    The BSC campers will have full access to the Bonkerz Playcenter for indoor play and active learning, the Event Center for lunchtime, snacks, movies, crafts, structured learning and use of the fenced playground area adjacent to the Playcenter for water sports and outdoor activities. Bonkerz will not open to the general public for play until September, so the campers will have exclusive use of the facility each week of Camp.

  • What does Bonkerz Summer Camp cost?

    • $140 per kiddo for a whole week of whole days,
    • $90 for a whole week of half-days (morning or afternoon sessions),
    • $35 for a single whole day (ten day minimum),
    • $45 for a single drop-in day (no minimum, one-time $30 registration fee).
    • Snacks are included but each kiddo will need to pack a lunch. Refrigeration is available onsite and lunch packages are available for purchase.
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