Changes at Bonkerz!

On February 3rd the ownership and management of Bonkerz Indoor Playcenter is passing from Bonkerz LLC, an Idaho corporation owned by Jim and Deb Allen, and Barry and Anna McGarrah, to Palouse Alliance for Children and Families Inc, an Idaho non-profit led by Danny and Michelle Ellinwood, and Terry and Linda Morin.

What does this mean for the Bonkerz community?

It means you'll see some new faces when you check-in, but you'll also see faces of staff you and your kids recognize. Honestly, you won't immediately see much change at all, EXCEPT FOR THE WAIVERS. Because the ownership is changing, you'll need to fill out and sign a new waiver with the new owners. So here's how to do that. In the blue bar at the top of this page you'll see "Waiver." When you click on "Waiver" a new page will open containing a version of the paper waiver you are used to seeing at the Check-in counter at Bonkerz. Fill out the form and at the bottom, click "Submit." One copy of the completed waiver will be emailed to us and one copy will be emailed to you. That's it!

You'll save a lot of time at check-in the next time you stop in to the Playcenter if you take the time NOW to fill out and submit the waiver. You only need to fill out the waiver once. You'll have your own copy on file and will be able to breeze through the check-in.